Grid Solar

Northern Solar Pty Ltd is your local Murwillumbah solar installer. We ensure that our customers are well informed by providing comprehensive, transparent, and easy to understand advice to local residents and surrounding areas. Northern Solar customers often express to us that our professional expertise around solar products, design, installation and government rebates has made their decision to invest in solar power easy and hassle free.

In particular they found our guide on how to avoid the pitfalls of purchasing solar extremely informative. After all there are many solar power companies, some of which are focussed on offering cheap, poor quality products and little customer focus or service. Northern Solar is proud to say that we do not employ aggressive sales tactics and always stress the importance of being informed before investing. Call today to speak with your local Murwillumbah solar installer, Northern Solar!



Hybrid Solar

A hybrid solar system combines the best of both worlds combining the convenience of a grid connected system, (including the ability to earn Feed-in Tariff credits), with the security of having battery backup. This delivers the additional benefit of allowing you to store the electricity that your solar power system generates throughout the day in batteries, so that you may use this stored electricity at a later time such as night times, delivering even greater electricity cost savings and personal control.

Stand Alone Solar Power Systems

Standalone power systems may use a mix of varying technologies to enable individual customers access to continuous energy supply without the need for a grid connection. Stand alone power systems are already being used to support customers in specific circumstances around the Tweed Valley.

AC coupled stand alone power systems use integrated inverters to deliver optimum efficiency to maximise solar generation and battery usage. Using the latest technologies in Australian and European inverters and batteries, Northern Solar is the Murwillumbah solar installer of choice for stand-alone systems around the Tweed Coast.

Solar Finance

Solar & Energy Finance is a highly specialised, experienced finance service dedicated solely to providing finance solutions to residential and commercial customers, solar installers and the energy sector.

They provide flexible and transparent solutions for residential or commercial solar & energy installations right across Australia, including PV solar, batteries, storage, LED lighting, power factor correction, air conditioning, electrical, refrigeration, pumps, irrigation, fire systems and much more!

Northern Solar Pty Ltd, Your local, Grid Solar and Hybrid / Self-use solar power specialists providing

  • Licensed Electricians in NSW & QLD.
  • Clean energy Council national accredited designers and installers.
  • Design of all grid, hybrid and stand-alone solar systems.
  • Installation of all grid, hybrid and stand-alone solar systems
  • Battery Enabled Solar Inverters
  • Electrical design.
  • Electrical installation.
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy saving devices.
  • Energy management solutions
  • Switch board, mains and inverter upgrades.
  • Solar system additions, replacement and upgrades.
  • A 3 year workmanship guarantee on all work.

Northern Solar Pty Ltd is one of few Murwillumbah solar installers that offers a customer satisfaction guarantee!! To provide excellent customer focussed solar solutions, we offer professional advice and commitment to reliability and job satisfaction. We guarantee our services will be of the highest quality possible, if you're not 100% satisfied with our work we will fix it for free!!

Call Northern Solar today, your local Murwillumbah solar installer!

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